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Top tips for your immune system

Here are our top tips for a strong immune system

Having a miso soup every day is one of the most effective and satisfying ways to support our body’s natural immune defences. Our miso soup is made from traditionally produced Organic Un-Pasteurised Brown Rice Miso aged 2 years, it is the real deal. Go HERE for recipe.

Quality sleep (at the right time)
Get to bed early, and rise early to harmonise with your body’s natural rhythms and optimise your ability to rest, recover, and strengthen.

Fermented goodness
Naturally fermented foods nourish the microbiome in our gut which strengthens our immune system. Foods like fermented pickles, kimchi, tempeh, miso soup.. all available on our all day menu.

Play out
Spending time out in nature and playing in the dirt has been proven to strengthen the immune system, couple that with nature’s magical rejuvenating qualities and you have a winning combination!

Eat your greens!
Consuming a wide variety of vegetables, vegetable foods, nuts, seeds and berries, will give you an abundance of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients that your body needs to thrive with effective immune system protection

Cut the cr*p!
Reduce or remove refined sugar, alcohol, smoking, fatty foods and anything that doesn’t support a healthy lifestyle.

Fuel up to stay active
An active lifestyle promotes health and vitality (including immune system function) and a healthy whole foods diet is the optimal choice to support regular activity.

Keep your stress levels low with meditation/mindfulness/yoga.

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