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Recept: Chia pudding

This is how a Happy M Kitchen breakfast can look like. Chia pudding bowl with various topping (in this photo coco nibs, Glutenfree Granola, goji berrys, raspberry.) This is full of plantbased protein from the chia seeds and the home made almond milk. Chia seeds also has the important omega 3 in them. Almond milk has a lots of calcium, if you wonder about where to get the calcium from. And all the toppings are full of good nutrition! This bowl can be referred to as whole food plant based, clean food, real natural food, or simply Food for Legends?Here Is the recipe for it!

 6 dl almond (organic)
 2 dl raisins (organic)
1/2 teaspoon real vanilla powder or essence
 a pinch of salt
 16 dl water

Put it all in a mixer (if the mixer jug is small, do it twice with 50/50 in it. Mix until it is very smooth.
Then mix in 2 dl chia seed (black or white can be used) in the almond milk, good if you put it in stainless steel or glass wear (no plastic, remember the hormones! We don’t want to mess with our hormones or the envoirment..) Then you put it in the fridge for a couple of hours and you have got a Legend Chia bowl that will last you for 5 days!
Toppings you can use what ever you like, fresh berries, seeds, coconuts smiles……. and you can also put any flavours in to the almond milk when you are mixing it, ex cacao, blue berries, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, Matcha green tea, turmeric = anti inflammations! The variations is endless – just be creative!
Chia Pudding is a very good easy food to travel with and it keeps you nice and full for long time without taking energy from you.

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